Are you a new artist that doesn't know where to start your business?

You don't know how to navigate social media & how to grow it?

Are you trying to manage your time between learning to start a business, improving your techniques, trying to get new clients and maintaining a

personal life?

Are you a seasoned artist who wants to finally grow your business

with consistently booked appointments?

Do you want to grow your social media presence while practicing

your technique but don't know

how to keep a balance?

Then this planner is the tool you need to get you on the right foot. You get an entire course on PMU business all in one book, and you will only need a few hours a week to automate it all. When all is said & done, you will have the time and peace of mind to work on your favorite thing...



This planner was designed to help the PMU artist stop feeling overwhelmed when it comes to running a business and give you all the information in one central location.

This is a physical planner that you will receive in the mail.

PMU Artist Guide Business Planner