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Unleash your inner PMU pro with our exclusive 2-day Ombre' Contouring & Color Neutralization Masterclass!

This comprehensive workshop elevates your PMU skills with:
  • Ombre Contouring for sculpted lips
  • Natural Skin Tone Neutralization for various complexions
Led by AAM Platinum Trainer Clara & Permablend Pro-Team Trainer, learn advanced techniques and scientific color theory in an intimate setting.
Plus, gain hands-on experience with FREE live model practice!

Here's what makes this Masterclass unique:


  •  In-depth Knowledge: Gain a mastery of Ombre Contouring for lips and Natural Skin Tone Neutralization for various skin tones.

  •  Expert Techniques: Learn advanced stretching techniques tailored to different areas and skin types.

  •  Scientific Color Theory: Discover Clara's groundbreaking 2-year research on lip color theory and mixology, combining art with molecular skin science. She will teach you to learn color through your eyes and not charts

  •  Pigment Mastery: Dive into the science of pigments and layering techniques with Clara's expert guidance.

  •  Hands-on Experience: The most valuable aspect! Work directly with Clara on live models after this Masterclass for FREE receiving personalized shadowing and mentorship.

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