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Enrich your Micropigmentation Expertise and Polish your Permanent Cosmetics Skills with Modern Beauty Studio Academy. Start your Micropigmentation Learning Journey with the Comprehensive and Expert-led Program delivered by one of the best Mentors in the American Academy of Micropigmentation (AMM), Clara Medina.

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Gold Certified

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Choosing Modern Beauty Studio Academy is an Important Milestone in achieving your AAM Gold Membership. You will be trained by the Renowned and Accomplished AAM Platinum Trainer Clara Medina, whose unique artistry and coaching methods will prepare you to perfect Ombre Shading, Microblading, Eyeliner Tattoo, Lip Blush, and Tattoo Removal and Corrections

Permanent makeup training and microblading

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Permanent makeup training and microblading

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Why Choose

Modern Beauty Studio Academy?

  • Receive Value-Packed training from an experienced artist.

  • Obtain your American Academy of Micropigmentation Gold Membership

  • Enroll in a proven program with ongoing support

  • Join over 1,000 Successful Artists who chose Modern Beauty Studio Academy

  • Discover and unleash your full potential with a high-level mentorship experience, not just a course!

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Our Training Courses

With Modern Beauty, you will receive a Double Certification through Beauty Angels Academy!

Our Mentorship Programs include a professional kit and advanced support for a special experience, with both live and online class options.








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Types of Trainings



If you can’t participate in a live course at Modern Beauty Studio Academy, you can still get certified and mentored directly by Clara, from anywhere in the world, thanks to the online course option.

Live Training

Our live courses are balanced and offer a fully hands-on experience. Students are provided their own models to master micropigmentation.

At Modern Beauty Studio, we offer professional permanent makeup and cosmetic training and education. We have live and online certification programs available, which include Ombre Shading, Microblading, Eyeliner Tattoo, Lip Blush, Tattoo Removal, and more
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Successful Businesswoman

Skilled Micropigmentation Master

Renowned Coach and Trainer

Confidence Builder

Meet Your Trainer

Clara Medina

Constantly empowered by helping others regain their confidence, self-esteem, and joy, Clara Medina founded Modern Beauty Studio Academy to share her micropigmentation, knowledge, and expertise with aspiring women and artists interested in permeant makeup and cosmetics. Located in Watchung, New Jersey, Clara is a well-established American Academy of Micropigmentation Platinum Trainer and Contributor.

Clara's artistry, training methods, and passion for helping artists gained the utmost recognition from several industry brands such as Permablend, Beauty Angel, Hyve Beauty, and PhiBrow International. As a trainee, you will learn from the best while allowing your confidence and creativity to shine through PMU education. The meticulously designed Micropigmentation Program comes with ongoing support. It offers a balanced experience of theoretical and practical learning, live and online class options, and a kit to practice and perfect your skills. Clara's Background and determination to provide an elevated learning experience allowed her to master one-of-a-kind techniques and share them with over 1,000 thriving students worldwide.

Learning and receiving professional training from Clara can help you unleash your full potential to become the successful micropigmentation artist and entrepreneur you want to be. Become Dual Certified through Beauty Angels Academy with the Mentorship Courses of Modern Beauty Studio Academy to greatly improve your micropigmentation skills and guarantee you endless opportunities for professional growth and success.

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What do Students

Have to Say About Our Courses?

My name is Adriana Garcia I am the owner of Angel Brows and right now I’m in the AAM fundamentals course. I have learned so much and I’m in my 5th day and ready to take on clients. One thing about the course and I love as a support. Clara offers free shadow in sessions if that even after the course is over. I found that to be amazing because a lot of Educator say bye-bye after you take the class but it’s not like that with Clary. It’s my last day here physically but she actually offers another week which is awesome. We came in for a week in the entire week was hands-on stuff. I just wanted to get the Sésamo because I just think that people should know how amazing the school and Clara is and if you’re looking for a PMU educated and stop looking train with Modern Beauty because Clary is absolutely amazing.

Adriana Garcia


How many types of brows do you teach in your fundamentals? Because our students should be fully equipped to deliver flawless service, we start by teaching the basics of Microblading, from Powder Brows to Ombre Styles, and everything in between.

Is there continued support after the courses? Yes, we offer lifetime support to our students even after their certification. Our Mentorship experience includes a Facebook Group and a WhatsApp Group Chat.

Is the apprenticeship necessary and included? Yes, the AAM requires the completion of 15 models to be able to take your AAM exam and obtain its Membership.

What is the Course Pricing? The AAM Fundamentals Program costs $5500, or $8000 with the AAM required Apprenticeship. The Advanced Technique courses start at $1500.

Do you offer business programs or mentorships? Modern Beauty Studio Academy designed a comprehensive Learning and Training experience for its aspiring artists, offering them Advanced Business Programs and Premium Memberships.

Do you provide models during the apprenticeship stage? To guarantee Hands-on Skills and Techniques for our Students, the Modern Beauty Studio Academy provides models during the Apprenticeship stage.